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F R O N T I E R   C O N F E R E N C E 

The Frontier Conference is made up of 20 public, public charter and private high schools from across San Diego County.  It is a member of the CIF - California Interscholastic Federation in the San Diego Section. 

Within the Frontier Conference are 4 different Leagues, Summit, Patriot, Sierra and Pioneer.  Based on the number of schools participating in a particular sport and their competitive equity; the  various schools are placed into one of these leagues.

The Frontier Conference is a 501c3 organization, constituted under the auspices of the CIF-San Diego Section, with the expressed purpose of facilitating, promoting and supporting interscholastic competition between its members and other CIF member schools.  Competition will be conducted in concert with the principles of sportsmanship and fair play as dictated by the State CIF and the CIF-SDS, as detailed in the CIF-SDS Green Book.

The Frontier  Conference consists of schools that are of like educational philosophy, and who are of relatively similar size.  All of the schools share a commitment to minimize the loss of academic class time and promote the value of Education Based Athletics.

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