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CIF - California Interscholastic Federation is the state high school athletic organization through

          which member schools adopt rules and establish standards for many aspect of interscholastic                 athletic programs, and guide schools in their responsibilities for the health, safety, general

          welfare and educational opportunities of the students taking part in interscholastic athletics.

CIFSDS - Mission Statement   The CIF-SDS is committed to preparing student-athletes for a

          better tomorrow and to working with students, educators, parents and communities

          to establish and maintain excellent high school athletic programs that teach values, character

          and citizenship.

Pursuing Victory with Honor   The Operating Principles of CIF are defined by their 16 Principals of

          Pursuing Victory with Honor program.  You can find these principles on the CIF website,     

, under Governance.

Character Building and Ethics   These critical elements of character building are embodied in the

          concept of Sportsmanship and the six (6) core principles of:  Trustworthiness, Respect,

          Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Good Citizenship

Participation in school sports programs is a privilege, not a right.

To earn that privilege, student-athletes are expected to abide by the rules and conduct themselves,     on and off the field, as positive role models who exemplify good character.


All communications, questions and concerns should be address within this established structure.   

Start with your school's Coach

Then your school's Athletic Director

Then your school's Administration

Then the Frontier Conference President

Then the CIF - San Diego Section

Then the State CIF Office


Californai Interscholastic Federation

San Diego Section

Pursuing Victory with Honor

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